Office Christmas Party Gift Shopping

It’s a customary tradition that my company has its an office Christmas party on the last day before we get a long break for the holidays. The gift policy hasn’t changed ever since I joined this firm all those years ago. We would all have to pick out Christmas gifts that were under $25 and place them under the large Christmas tree at the venue. Just before the dinner was over, our manager would collect all these presents and randomly give each and every one of us a box while wishing us Merry Christmas.

It was a unique tradition, one that I’ve grown to like very much. I usually stress when it comes to Christmas gift shopping. It is such a burden. It isn’t that I hate it, it’s just quite a pickle picking out gifts for people you know too well. It is the same situation when you select gifts for your coworkers that you don’t know well enough.

I would really like to spend more time being thoughtful but I can’t. I’m just too busy with life. Just as I was about to throw in the towel, I came across a site that had really good Christmas gift ideas. I might even say some of the best I’ve seen. This site literally had it all. They recommended everything from a glowing necklace to a grooming kit. It was quite thoughtful I’d say.

112ddb9d843cbc11fd434c9748ba1dd6-1I decided to buy an inexpensive Christmas gift for the party. I decided to go with a cheeky mug that had the word F@#K and its definition on both sides. What a laugh it’ll be if my boss would be the one to receive it. The bright side is that nobody will ever know it was me who bought the mug as a Christmas gift in the first place. I guess i’m going to be on the naughty list this year after all. Only coal for me.

knitted-scafBut I wanted to get an extra gift for my boss. She was a sassy 45 year old who was a God at what she did. She even mentored me when I just joined the company. I owe her a lot. She wasn’t always nice to me; But, she was frank. So I looked for the Christmas gifts for her 2016 section of the site and picked out and awesome knitted scarf, too bad I didn’t have the time to make one for her. One that she could wear to work or for a night out. I really hope she likes it.

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