I always wonder why gift getting is such a chore. Maybe I’m too indecisive or perhaps I don’t know the people I’m gift shopping for well enough. Whatever the reason, I absolutely dread it. I fret and fidget every time I’m invited to a birthday party.

Trust me it isn’t fun at all. Have you counted the number of times you’d have to buy gifts in a year? For starters, there are birthdays, housewarming parties, dinner parties, office get together, anniversaries, valentine’s day and it just keeps going on and on. Frankly, I’m tired of figuring out what people actually want or need.

To keep my life simple, I now just use google and click the first good gift ideas suggestion site I come across. It keeps me sane. Surprisingly enough, all my friends have been pleased with my gifts but my wallet and bank account has been hating on me the whole time.

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