I knit for the hell of it. It’s fun and calming. But, I know that my mittens and sweaters aren’t the best gifts for dates. They are thoughtful but, I don’t think that they’ll mean much if I keep giving my handicraft to my girlfriend every single year.

I’ve done the scarf thingy, sweater thingy, socks, blankets and the list goes on and on. I really want to show Jo how much I love, care and adore her. And, I want to spruce things up a little. How much fun would life be if we did the exact same thing every year. We’ve been in a relationship for three years and it was a little too soon to pop the question but, I thought of getting her a nice charm bracelet.

I found this bracelet on a site that had the best valentines gift ideas for the year. It seemed strange at first but I decided to pull a fast one on Jo. I was going to get her the bracelet without any charms on it. I’ll then I’ll make her look around the house for the charms. I’ll be getting three distinct charms; one for each year we’ve been together.

The thing I remembered most about our first year together was how much we fought and quarreled. So the first charm was going to be a small flame charm. The second year we went on a trip to Paris so I got an Eiffel tower charm too. Christmas last year was amazing. We went for our family dinners and then just got together at my place and cuddled the night away. So the final charm is going to be a little snow flake.

You can’t blame a guy for trying to make the love of his life happy on Valentine’s day, can you ?